Saturday, September 26, 2009

My newest works are displayed below.
I fell in love with these tiny easels and canvases/panels and decided to see what they inspired. The largest work is 4"x5". The smallest is 2"x2".

Mini paintings displayed. Below are individual close-ups of the works.

Eye Series. 2009.

Clown Couple. 2009

Clown Profile. 2009.

Clown Stare. 2009.

Three Trees. 2009

Tree Silhouette. 2009

The Reach (mini altered version). 2009.

Mood 1. 2009

Mood 2. 2009
Below this post are some older works as well as some finished this year. You'll see different styles, mediums, and exploration.

The Alley. 2008

The Sufferer. 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reclining Nude 1. 2009.
Available only as print
Reclining Nude 2. 2009.
Available only as print.
Break Dancers. 2005.

Light Nude. 2006.
Available only as Print.

Red Nude. 2006.
Available only as print.

Purple Nude. 2006.
Available only as print.

Who Said You Couldn't?. 2009.
available only as print.

To the Prom. 2009

Girl and Duck. 2009

The Butt. 2009

Dark Lady. 2009

Arched Nude. 2009

Kneeling Nude. 2009
available only as print

Tree Study. 2005
available only as print

Candles. 2009

Marley. 2004

Happiness. 2003

My Scream. 2001
Drowning. 2006

Leg Study. 2004